Debby Wright - Thai and Swedish Massage

Debby Wright
9 Paynes Rd
Mt Waverley 3149
0417 033 653
Mt Waverley, South Eastern & Inner Suburbs, Melbourne

Remedial Massage, Manual Lymph Drainage, Traditional Chinese acupressure and meridian therapies, cupping,

Traditional Thai therapeutic massage, Swedish Massage.

Traditional Thai Massage (TTM)

Practised on floor level fully clothed combining …
  • Rhythmical pressure using thumbs, hands, elbows and feet applied to ‘sen’ energy lines on limbs and torso
  • Stretching including the use of yoga asanas
  • Sequences of flowing movements
  • At My studio sequences of the Thai systems are often blended into a remedial or therapeutic massage treatment.

    Swedish Relaxation Massage

    Practised on a table usually using oils…
    • A scientific system of massage based on physiology
    • Five hand positions and four massage movements combine to create a soothing, stimulating therapeutic effect

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