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Debby Wright
9 Paynes Rd
Mt Waverley 3149
0417 033 653
Mt Waverley, South Eastern & Inner Suburbs, Melbourne

Remedial Massage, manual lymph drainage, sports massage (pre and post event), traditional and myofascial cupping, Chinese acupressure and meridian therapies,Traditional Thai therapeutic massage, remedial stretching, Swedish massage,

Remedial Massage

Practised on a table using oils combining…

    • trigger point therapy, myofascial release, resisted and passive stretching techniques for treating restricted muscle function, muscular pain and tension.


    • The use of these same techniques can be applied to enhance athletic performance

Chinese acupressure massage


    • Blending acupoint and meridian specific techniques with general therapeutic massage to balance flow of circulation and Qi.


    • Using suction cupping, moxibustion (thermotherapy) and scraping techniques (gua sha) to assist with 'clearing stagnation' and overall healing.


This therapy is practised on a table with or without oils.


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